Engineering students maneuvered from soldering to engineering drawings this afternoon. The purpose of rotating activities was for a swift introduction to core engineering skills. Since these skills are essential for their final projects, it helps the students learn them on day two.


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ENGN2021_AU_S1_Rotations - [Citarella] 01_3 (1)

ENGN2021_AU_S1_Rotations - [Citarella] 01_5 (4)

ENGN2021_AU_S1_Rotations - [Citarella] 01_1 (3)

ENGN2021_AU_S1_Rotations - [Citarella] 01_0 (6)

ENGN2021_AU_S1_Rotations - [Citarella] 01_9 (7)

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