In anticipation of tomorrow’s design competition, aerospace students raced to put the finishing touches on their final projects. The highlight of the night for some students was finishing early to play frisbee on the quad. In contrast, other students needed all the time they could manage to make tomorrow’s deadline. 


AERO2021_AU_S3_Project_Development - [Citarella] 01_3 (3)

AERO2021_AU_S3_Project_Development - [Citarella] 01_0

AERO2021_AU_S3_Project_Development - [Citarella] 01_7 (2)

AERO2021_AU_S3_Project_Development - [Citarella] 01_5 (1)

AERO2021_AU_S3_Project_Development - [Citarella] 01_9 (3)

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