Architecture students completed their Washington sight seeing this morning.  However, there was a twist during today’s tour.  The students were challenged to spot and sketch landmarks around the city.  Students returned to campus with full smiles and sketchpads. 


Click on a photo to see all photo highlights.

ARCH2021_AU_S3_Scavenger_Hunt- [Citarella] 01_6 (10)

ARCH2021_AU_S3_DC_Scavenger - [Citarella] 07_0

ARCH2021_AU_S3_DC_Scavenger - [Citarella] 07_1

ARCH2021_AU_S3_DC_Scavenger - [Citarella] 07_7

ARCH2021_AU_S3_DC_DESIGN_TOUR - [Citarella] 01_9 (41)


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