CYBR students gathered for their welcome ceremony. The highlight of the evening was an activity that had groups build defenses for a racketball. After they finished constructing, the groups rotated and attempted to steal the racketball from one another without revealing how they did it. The purpose of building, dismantling, and reassembling defenses was to showcase the difficulty of defense construction and penetration in cybersecurity.

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CYBR2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 20180118_2 (4)

CYBR2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 20180118_0 (2)

CYBR2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 20180118_5 (3)

CYBR2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 20180118_2 (3)

CYBR2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 20180118_8 (6)


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