ARCH acquainted themselves with one another at tonight’s welcoming ceremony. Students built their confidence and tested their sketching abilities in timed sessions. Since they had limited time to sketch, the students had to challenge themselves. The goal of tonight was to introduce students to the tempo of the architecture deadlines.


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ARCH2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 01_5

ARCH2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 01_6 (4)

ARCH2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 01_7

ARCH2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 01_7 (8)

ARCH2021_AU_S3_OPENING_CEREMONY- [Citarella] 01_4 (4)

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