COMM students traveled through the history of film at the American Film Institute (AFI).  The goal of this activity was to expose students to cinematic icons such as Orson Welles and Federico Fellini. 


Click on one of the photos to see all photo highlights.

COMM2021_AU_S2_AFI - [Citarella] 20180112_1 (2)

COMM2021_AU_S2_AFI - [Citarella] 20180112_9

COMM2021_AU_S2_AFI - [Citarella] 20180112_4 (15)

COMM2021_AU_S2_AFI - [Citarella] 20180112_0 (9)

COMM2021_AU_S2_AFI - [Citarella] 20180112_2 (12)

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