For PSYC students, it’s crucial to gain an understanding of the biology behind psychology. While it’s a complicated subject, if they can understand it, they’ll be at the forefront of what’s occurring in neuroscience. Today they learned about electrical brain stimulation (EBS). Students learned about EBS by sending electrical currents from a battery into the detached leg of a cockroach. The goal of the activity was for students to work together to make their cockroach legs move. EBS is used in research and clinical neurobiology to stimulate a neuron or neural network in the brain through the direct or indirect excitation of its cell membrane by using an electric current. 

Click on one photo to see highlights from the activity.

PSYC2021_AU_S2_Neuro_Lab_2 - [Citarella] 20180109_7 (17)

PSYC2021_AU_S2_Neuro_Lab_2 - [Citarella] 20180109_8 (2)

PSYC2021_AU_S2_Neuro_Lab_2 - [Citarella] 20180109_9 (13)

PSYC2021_AU_S2_Neuro_Lab_2 - [Citarella] 20180109_7 (3)

PSYC2021_AU_S2_Neuro_Lab_2 - [Citarella] 20180109_0 (13)


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