Month: July 2019

Video | Surgical Rounds

NSLC NURS students were joined by Dr. M in their surgical rounds.


Click to see more from students Clinical Diagnostic Simulation!


Students prepare for crime scene day by attending crime scene academy, designed to teach them the dos and don’ts of forensic investigation!


  Students explore their strengths and weaknesses as applied to leading and working with others!    

Engineering Rotations – Soldering

The Engineering students got their solder on building their own flashlights! See more from the ENGN program by clicking any of the photos […]

Lecture Series

The Political Action & Public Policy Students learned about their Civil Liberties today from lecturer Jessica James. See more from the POLI program […]

Video | Trebuchet Build

The Engineering Students put their heads together and battled it out in a contest of who could build the best trebuchet! Learn more […]

Communication Towers

The Engineering students put their skills to the test building communication towers with their groups! To see more from the ENGN program, click […]


Click through to see more of students learning the ins and outs of crime investigation!

Personality Matrix

Robert Pruitt taught the NSLC HEAL students about the personality matrix. Click on any of the photos below to view more.