Month: July 2019

IoT Meeting

NSLC CYBR students came together to discuss the Internet of Things, using a Raspberry Pi for hacking purposes. Click on any of the […]

Guest Speaker Yogita Chudasama

NSLC HEAL students were given the opportunity to listen to and ask questions of Dr. Yogita Chudasama of NIMH. Click on any of […]

Security Council

Intelligence and National Security students worked to hold the globe from the brink of war in their Security Council Simulation today, as they […]

General Debates

The Republican and Democratic parties went head to head in the General Debates today as the POLI students near closer to the end […]


After bracing the challenge course, JNSLC students built houses in an effort to fortify them against the elements! Click through the photos to […]

Interpersonal Communication

Leadership Facilitator Robert Pruitt led NSLC NURS students in learning more about interpersonal communication. Click on any of the photos below to view […]


JNSLC were treated to a tour of the Washington Monuments! Click through the photos to see some of the photos they took!


Student learned the importance of unity and equal rights in their communities. Click through the photos to see their community building simulation!  

Myoelectric Arm

The Engineering students harnessed their inner Tony Stark and built Myoelectric-controlled arms! Simply by using their muscles, the students were able to open […]

Video | Guest Speaker Zack Wajsgras

Daily Progress photographer, Zack Wajsgras, spoke to the COMM students about his career as a newspaper photographer as well as his own personal […]