Year: 2018

Personality Matrix!

HEAL students had a leadership session with A’ric and discovered what type of leader they are.

Psychology Workshops!

PSYC students go through rotations through a series of workshops around different topics in Psychology.

Blood Spatter Analysis

Students in Forensic Science created their own blood spatters during Forensic SKills #1 today!

Personality Matrix

Students in Political Action & Public Policy tapped into different aspects of their personalities during a leadership session today!

Registration Day!

Five programs registered today for the fourth session of the summer! We look forward to an exciting nine days with the news students!

VIDEO | National Security Council!

NSEC students were given a role in the National Security Council and had to deal with a national crisis and work together as […]

VIDEO | Challenge Course

NSEC attended the challenge course with team building as a major focus. Check out the students’ thoughts on the experience!

Guest Speaker | General Paul J. Selva

NSEC students had the tremendous opportunity to hear from General Paul J. Selva, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

National Security Council

NSEC students act as part of the National Security Council and try to solve a national security crises while avoiding war at all […]

Challenge Course!

NSEC students went to the ropes course this morning and participated in high flying action and low to the ground team building activities!