Year: 2018

Registration Day!

NSEC had their fifth and final registration of the summer. Looking forward to an awesome six days!

Conflict Resolution

Engineering students learned about conflict resolution during a leadership session today!

Surgical Rounds!

HEAL students had their surgical rounds today taught by their TAs and Dr. M!

Commitment in Action

Forensic Science students moved and grooved during Commitment in Action!

Commitment in Action

Political Action & Public Policy showcased commitment in action by walking unique walks today!

F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine Uniformed Services!

HEAL students had a field trip down to Uniformed Services! Thank you for hosting us!

Campaign Simulations

The Presidential Campaign Simulation for Political Action & Public Policy is underway!

Neuroscience Lab!

PSYC students have multiple lab throughout the week doing hands-on learning about Neuroscience. This day was Cow Eye dissections!

Conflict Resolution

Students in the Forensic Science program resolved conflicts and worked together the make a human machine during a leadership session today!

Commitment in Action

Engineering students had a blast doing Commitment in Action today!