Year: 2018

Newsroom Simulation

COMM students had to report on breaking news with live social media updates, articles, and a full news package in the Newsroom Simulation.

Washington At Night

Students in the FSCI program toured Georgetown and monuments in Washington, D.C today!

What Makes Up An Organ?

Biotech students took an up close and personal look at animal organs under the microscope today!

Session One Recap

NSEC students had their closing ceremony, and reflected on the past six days.

Commitment in Action

HEAL students had a leadership session today which involved dancing and committing.

Blood Splatter Analysis

FSCI students created blood splatters based on prompts such as “Tina had her throat slit in her sleep. Tina has high blood pressure.” […]

Discover the World of Communications

COMM students write, produce, and edit full projects in only a week in their Discover the World of Communications courses!

Myoelectric Arm

Watch as students in the biotechnology program assemble myoelectric arms!  

Washington at Night

COMM students explored historic monuments and memorials throughout the evening.

Myoelectric Arm

Students created myoelectric sensor systems with toy arms today.