Year: 2017

Registration Day

We’re so excited to welcome GAME students to AU!

Registration Day

Welcome to campus NSEC Session 3!

Crime Scene Simulation

This morning, the FSCI students examined various “crime scenes” across campus that they will analyze throughout the rest of the session!

VIDEO | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The ENGN students toured NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center this week!

Surgical Rounds

HEAL students participated in dissections, suturing, and more during tonight’s surgical rounds!

Workshop Rotations

PSYC students learned about topics in psychology such as learning & memory, ethics, and more!

Drug Enforcement Agency

The FSCI students explored the Drug Enforcement Agency Museum and heard from two DEA Agents about their experiences!

Lockheed Martin

Today, the ENGN students toured Lockheed Martin, an aerospace and defense company!

VIDEO | Neuroanatomy Lab

Watch as PSYC students talk about their first lab experience here at NSLC!

Commitment in Action

Today, the FSCI students committed to being better leaders!