Year: 2017

Game Redesign

Tonight GAME students redesigned classic board and card games into something new!

Forensic Skills

The FSCI students rotate through various Forensic Skills Workshops to learn about everything from blood spatter to DNA to testifying in court!

Clinical Diagnostics

PSYC students had a second appointment with their clinical diagnostics patients today.

Challenge Course

BIOT students had a blast sharpening their communication and teamwork skills at the challenge course today!

First National Security Council Meeting

Today, the NSEC students had their first National Security Council simulation, where they were briefed about various “crises” which have unfolded around the […]

Commitment in Action

HEAL students started their day with an exciting leadership session!

Commitment in Action

ENGN students committed to be better leaders during this session!

Commitment in Action

PSYC students had a blast during tonight’s leadership session with Mr. Caputo!

Clinical Diagnostics

Today HEAL students met with their patients for the first time, as part of their clinical diagnostics simulation!

Registration Day

Final session of BIOT students arrived at AU today!