Year: 2017


PSYC students were bugging out this morning! Check out these photos from their RoboRoach activity:

Forensic Skills

Today the FSCI students learned about specific forensic skills and got some hands-on practice!

Challenge Course

The ENGN students had a lot of fun while working on teamwork and leadership skills at the challenge course today. Highlights include building […]

48-Second Film Festival

Today, the COMM students spent two hours filming and editing a short 48-second film. Each group was randomly assigned a different genre, and […]

Challenge Course

POLI students had a blast getting to know each other during today’s trip to the challenge course!

Neuroanatomy Lab

PSYC students donned lab coats for the first time this summer during their neuroanatomy lab lesson!

Challenge Course

No better way to start the day than with some team-building activities. Congrats on conquering the challenge course, HEAL students!

Registration Day

We welcomed the first group of FSCI students to campus today!

Registration Day

ENGN Session 1 arrived today. Welcome to NSLC!

Registration Day

Today we welcomed the first session of PSYC students to NSLC here at American University!