Year: 2017

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students worked with “patients” today during their clinical diagnostics simulation!

Newsroom Simulation

Tonight, the COMM students participated in a Newsroom Simulation with Twitter updates, interviews, press conferences, and much more!

Neuroscience Labs

PSYC students always have a blast during their neuroscience labs!

Land and Sea Competition

The ENGN students raced land and sea robots that they built this week!

Arlington National Cemetery

POLI students visited the Arlington National Cemetery today, and a select few had the distinct pleasure of participating in the wreath laying ceremony […]

Community Build

Today, the ENGN students participated in a leadership session to learn how to build better community.

National Conventions

POLI students announced the Republican and Democratic nominees for President during their National Conventions, as part of their campaign simulation!

VIDEO | Guest Speaker Dr. Jenifer Smith

The FSCI students had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Jenifer Smith speak about her position as the Director of the Department of Forensic […]

Commitment in Action

Today, the COMM students committed to being good leaders during their leadership session!

Commitment in Action

HEAL students made a commitment to bettering themselves as leaders during today’s leadership workshop!