Year: 2017

University of Maryland Institute for Bioscience and Biotech Research

Today, the BIOT students toured University of Maryland Institute for Bioscience and Biotech Research and got to do some hands-on experiments!

United Nations

INTL students had the amazing opportunity to visit the United Nations Headquarters in New York City today!

VIDEO | Session 2

Watch as PSYC students recount their experience here at NSLC!

Senate Committee Meeting

POLI students debated, proposed amendments, and voted on bills during tonights Senate Meeting.

Biotechnology Lab

Today, the BIOT students extracted their own DNA from cheek cells!

VIDEO | RoboRoach

Watch as PSYC students describe their experience with the RoboRoach project!

Clinical Diagnostics

Today PSYC students completed their clinical diagnostics simulation and diagnosed their patients!

VIDEO | Guest Speaker Evan Lambert & Newsroom Simulation

This week, the COMM students participated in a Newsroom Simulation and heard from Evan Lambert, a reporter for FOX 5 DC.

Presidential Debate

The Democratic and Republican nominees for President debated this evening!

Mr. Bruce Wharton

INTL students had the distinct pleasure of hearing from Mr. Bruce Wharton, the Acting Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at […]