Year: 2017

VIDEO | Guest Speaker Dr. Kristinza Giese

FSCI students heard from Dr. Kristinza Giese, Deputy Medical Examiner at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in D.C.!

Departure Day

Here’s a look back at COMM Session 2!

VIDEO | Session 2 Recap

Watch as session two POLI students recount their experience here at NSLC!

Registration Day

Welcome to NSLC, NSEC Session 2!

VIDEO | Engineering Session 2 Recap

Watch as ENGN students recount their favorite activities from the week!

Biotech Expo

This morning, the BIOT students performed different experiments during the Biotech Expo!

VIDEO | Session 2

Watch as HEAL students recount their experiences here at NSLC!


The FSCI students acted as expert witnesses in “trials” concerning their crime scene simulations!

Sea Perch Competition

The ENGN students held a water competition with robots they designed and built!

VIDEO | Session 2 Recap

Watch COMM students talk about the 48-Second Film Festival and other activities from the week!