Year: 2016

National Security Councils

NSEC students put their best ideas forward in order to protect the United States during their final security council meetings today.  

Incubator Presentations

BIOT students presented their incubator ideas that they had been developing throughout the program. Students worked in teams to create a product that […]

Leave Your Mark!

MAST students gave back to the community today by lending a hand at Button Farm!

VIDEO | Button Farm

Watch as MAST students talk about their visit to Button Farm!

FBI Visit

NSEC students got a first hand look at the inner workings of the FBI when they toured the facilities today!  

Dr. Marie Bernard

A big thank you to Dr. Marie Bernard, Deputy Director of the National Insitute on Aging (NIH) for speaking with our BIOT students […]

The World is Your Stage

MAST students had the opportunity to show off their unique talents during The World is Your Stage!

Biotechnology Lab

BIOT students were hard at work with their genetic engineering biotechnology lab today!

The Pentagon

NSEC students had the distinct honor of visiting the Pentagon today. They also got to hear from Master Chief Petty Officer Stevens and […]

Departure Day

Thank you for a great session GAME students! Here’s a look back at some of the great moments from the session!