Year: 2016

Capitol Hill

HEAL students had a blast during their visit to Capitol Hill!

Police Briefing

FSCI students presented their cases to the police today, thereby concluding their crime scene investigation simulation!

Video | Dr. Dan Mote

Watch as the president of the National Academy of Engineering, Dr. Dan Mote, talks about his positionĀ and his advice for students as they […]


BIOT students started their day by performing neurosurgery on a cockroach!

Lieutenant General Ierardi

Watch as Lieutenant General Ierardi of The Department of Defense reflects on his time spent with the Intelligence and National Security students.

Clinicial Diagnostics

PSYC students had their last round of clinical diagnostics today, and informed their patients of their diagnosis!


A group of HEAL students visited SiTel medical training facility today!

Forensic Skills Workshops

FSCI students learned about fingerprinting and blood spatter analysis during today’s skill workshops!

Senses Lab

PSYC students put their senses to the test during today’s neuroscience lab!

Challenge Course

BIOT students put their communication and leadership skills to the test during their visit to the challenge course!