Year: 2016

Presidential Debate

Senators Zach Starr and Darren Janz participated in their final debate before voting began. Best of luck to both candidates!


COMM students had the opportunity to tour NPR today and get an insider’s look at where some of their favorite shows, including The […]

World Simulation

As the program draws to a close, INTL students presented their finalized countries. From dictatorships to monarchies, these countries showcased the talents of […]

Final Presentations

FSCI students presented all their findings and evidence from their crime scene investigations!

Registration Day

Today we welcomed the last session of MAST students. Welcome to NSLC!

The Myoelectric Arm

BIOT students built Myoelectric Arms while in session today. Myoelectric arms utilize the electrical impulses from the student’s own muslces to power a […]

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students completed their clinical diagnostics simulation today!

Major General Mark Yenter

Major General Mark Yenter,┬áDeputy Commanding General for Military and International Operations, Army Corps of Engineers, spoke with ENGN students today about his experiences […]

Firaxis Games

GAME students toured Firaxis Games today! Firaxis is┬áresponsible for creating the Civilization and XCOM video games which are played worldwide. Hearing from experts […]

VIDEO | Session 2

Watch as session 2 PSYC students reflect on their time here at NSLC!