It’s official! The NSLC staff has arrived in Washington DC and is already hard at work preparing for another great summer at American University. More than 60 undergraduate and graduate staff members from all over the country are on-site and getting ready for their students to arrive. The staff is made up of both new and returning members, most of them NSLC alumni from 77 universities throughout America.

NSLC International Diplomacy Program Director and NSLC alumna Patty Hester,  is spending her tenth summer with us. “I’m really looking forward to helping students have an amazing, life-altering experience like I did. We’re looking forward to helping our students learn about leadership, themselves, their chosen program topic, as well as build lifelong friendships,” she said. “NSLC was one of the most fun summers I ever had while in high school and I know this summer will be no different for our students this year.”

Check back with us here throughout the summer and follow us on Twitter @NSLCatAU for updates on all of the different programs at NSLC at AU.

Site Director Susan Lowitz greets new and returning staff members  NSLC Site

Site Director Susan Lowitz greets new and returning staff members  




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