by Shubham Kadan


Death is something that hits me very hard. Last October, my best friend took his own life. Before that, I’d never experienced the death of a very close friend. That experience really opened my eyes to how we can honor an individual’s life.

My friend Will’s father started a foundation called “The Will to Live.” That organization has become such an important part of my life. I devote a lot of my time to this foundation. Through that work, I honor Will’s life and I have learned how to respect one’s passing in an effort to bring joy and hope to the loved ones that are left behind. I see this first hand when a member of Will’s family smiles at me.

This tragedy has helped me to realize that someone was close to the soldier in the unknown tomb, feeling the same way that I did this past October. I want to ease that person’s pain. That is why I want to honor this soldier by laying a wreath on his/her grave.

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