by Kevin Ellis

A true strength of a human being is his or hers willingness to admit a weakness. Through honesty and self criticism, a person is able to grow and expand their inner persona.

One person willing to make changes is sixteen year old American University student Kevin Jones. Attending the June 2011 camp session due to high interest in journalism and history, Jones felt his trustworthiness marked one of his greatest capabilities.

“I always get job done,” says Jones. Jones relates his ethical integrity to his ability to correct himself.

“One weakness of mine is I need to be more specific in my writing,” Jones says.

Kevin Jones has high expectations of a future position in journalism, helped in part by his time at the National Student Leadership Conference.


by Daphne Assimakopoulos
When asked the simple question of what she wants to do with life, Michelle Chong has just one answer: to help people. Chong is a rising junior from Cady, Texas and has big plans for the future.

Chong believes that the best way she can help those in need is too get word out that there are problems. “I want to speak for the silent,” said Chong. “They need to be heard.”

In the future Chong hopes to be a news reporter covering anything that needs attention. Preferably on camera, she hopes to be working in the field in five to ten years.

“My dream job would probably be  something like Anderson Cooper” said Chong. “He is really objective, and I can respect that.”

As a writer on her school newspaper, Chong has been honing her writing skills by covering local events and stories. Last year she wrote a feature story on a local survivor of leukemia, and various news stories on student protests that where occurring. Even though these stories were riveting, Chong wanted to expand her area of expertise after she was named an editor. It was at this time when she received her NSLC packet in the mail. Chong had heard of the program beforehand from a friend.

“It looked awesome,” said Chong. “And it was just what I wanted to focus on.”

The NSLC Journalism and Mass Communications program has greatly assisted Chong in not only improving her skills, but deciding what aspect of journalism she specifically wanted to work on. Nevertheless, no matter what area of media Chong decides to approach, one thing will be for certain: she will be helping and changing the world.

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