written by Shelby Dolen

Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Charleston are all big cities Hope Restle has traveled to and loved.  It comes as no surprise that she is interested in a career in the journalism/communications field.  These big cities offer many oppurtunities to people who are interested in this career path and Restle plans on taking advantage of these oppurtunities.  That is one of the many reasons she chose NSLC over other leadership organizations.
“I’ve been to two leadership conferences before this. I went to the one in California a couple summers ago and another one the following summer, and now I’m back for this one,” Restle explains.  Choosing the journalism/communications program was the easy part, since she explained that she has always loved writing.  Restle is on the yearbook staff and has won numerous awards that have led her to love this career path even more.
Restle explains that her hometown of Vero Beach, Florida, “was a good place to grow up, but not somewhere I want to live for the rest of my life.”  However, Restle does see herself graduating from NYU in the next 5-10 years and hopes to have many internships lined up for her.  She hopes to be writing for either a popular, creative, women’s magazine or an influential newspaper.  Eventually she wants to have her own column writing about life style or maybe even current events.  In the next decade or two you could be seeing Hope Restle in Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, or even the New York Times.

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