As part of the Journalism and Mass Communication curriculum, students learn the Art of the Interview. Here is some of their work:


written by Emma Grojean

Rachel Sieczkowski, only 16, is always the leader with her siblings, she is the
eldest of 3 sisters and has always been interested in journalism, rocketing in 7th grade.
Sieczkowski said, “nothing seemed constant in my entire life,” before she found the teen
news panel in the paper. From then on, journalism was in her future.


The NSLC invitation and acceptance deeply excited Sieczkowski. Her first words
after getting into the Journalism program were, “Oh my gosh! Yes!” The reason
Sieczkowski is so interested in journalism is that writers have the ability to choose the
news, control the facts, and speak the truth. Sieczkowski aspires to share her ideas
through writing.


When asked what Sieczkowski saw herself doing in the 5 years, she immediately
stated, “somewhere warm.” In more and later detail, Sieczkowski said “I can see myself
writing later in life whether I’m a journalist or not.” She will continue to write and
continue to excel.


written by Arthur Bailin

Hailing from Belair, Texas, near Houston, Jake Leppin is no stranger to city life.
He enjoys living in Belair, and could not give it up for anything. Jake decided to come to
NSLC because he wanted a little nudge on his college resume.


Jake wants to learn more about sports casting in general. His dream job would
be working as a play by play man for the NBA. I have only the highest expectations for
Mr. Leppin.


written by R.J. Kaminski

Brett Williams, resident of Annandale, VA, dreams of one day sounding his
voice through football on a national level. His past experiences have included a sports
broadcasting camp in Rockville, MD, along with being a co-broadcaster at his local high
school football games.


Through NSLC, he hopes to learn and improve on his “style”. He is looking
forward to the Washington National’s game, along with learning more leadership skills
through workshops and activities this week.


Williams sees himself working in the sports/journalism field in 10 years, and
hopes to achieve his main goal of becoming a world-wide sports entity.

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